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We like Green

“Le cose d’ogni giorno raccontano segreti, a chi le sa guardare ed ascoltare…” 
These are the very first words of Sergio Endrigo’s “Ci vuole un fiore”, a beautiful song that has raised the generation that is now at the head of many companies, which more than others are today faced with the possibility (and responsibility) of deciding whether also think about the environment, when things or services are produced. For us who make cardboard packaging, and therefore every day handle a raw material of natural origin, this reflection has become an imperative to be pursued in every possible way. We strongly believe that green is better. Therefore, everything we can change in our daily activities, to convert them in favor of sustainability and the environment, we do. The song reminds us that without a flower there is no tree, and without the tree there will be no more wood.

Without a flower (i.e. without respect for the environment), nothing is created
that one day can be replicated, simply because nothing,
of what we exploit of our Earth,
it is inexhaustible.

We are FSC certified: what does it mean?

The Forest Stewardship Council (or FSC for short) is an international non-profit NGO, which has created an internationally recognized forest certification system.

The certification has as its purpose the correct forest management and the traceability of derived products. In practice, it guarantees that the raw material used to make a product in wood, paper or cardboard comes from forests where strict environmental, social and economic standards are respected.

The forest of origin has been independently controlled and assessed in accordance with these standards (principles and criteria of good forest management), established and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council® a.c., through the participation and consent of the interested parties.


FSC includes among its members NGOs and environmental groups (WWF, Greenpeace), social groups (National Aboriginal Forestry Association of Canada), forest owners, industries that trade and process wood and paper (Tetra Pak, Mondi), large-scale distribution groups Organized, researchers and technicians, for a total of nearly 900 members.

Carbonsink: a future with fewer emissions

Carbonsink, due to the experience gained in recent years, has become a leader in the development of projects for the mitigation of climate change, every single phase of the projects monitored in order to ensure compliance with quality standards and a correct measurement and certification of the reduction of CO2eq emissions, thus reducing its ecological footprint.
In particular, Carbonsink deals with:
Design and implementation of sustainable development projects capable of generating carbon credits on the regulated (CERs) and voluntary (VERs) market in accordance with the highest international standards;
Support to the design and implementation of project initiatives in developing countries in the field of renewable energies, energy efficiency, forestation, sustainable agriculture, and waste management.


We offset 350 tons of Co₂eq with the purchase of certified carbon credits from a renewable energy project in India.

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