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No limits to the imagination

“Plants and flowers are like our projects:
some do not develop, others grow when we least expect it. “

Romano Battaglia

In our work, designing is everything: without a project there is no finished product. But the word project is not limited in our case to this meaning. When we meet one of our clients, we like to imagine something new with him, which makes us fly above the usual, something useful and beautiful, never seen or done yet.

Perhaps this is the aspect of our work that we like best: imagining. And it is because of our predisposition that we do not limit ourselves to proposing the usual solutions.

Imballi a 360°

Our company is able to produce both minimum and large quantities of boxes,
both die-cut and American, of any shape and size,
and to print them in high quality up to a maximum of 6 colors.

Scatole fustellateScatole americaneScatole americane di grandi dimensioniImballi in digitale

E-commerce for everyone

Shipping is easy with the right packaging.
Saico has created a type of self-assembling packaging for e-commerce, to facilitate all companies that need boxes suitable for shipping products through online sales.

Available in sizes:

  • MINI – 280 x 210 x 80H
  • SMALL – 400 x 300 x 80H
  • MEDIUM– 400 x 300 x 180H
  • LARGE – 530 x 440 x 180H


Circular By Nature logo, symbol of the campaign on corrugated cardboard as an actor in a virtuous chain of circular economy.


Below is the list of our certifications, a symbol of merit and extreme quality of our company:

SGS ISO 9001/ UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Forest Stewardship Council®

Forest Stewardship Council®

Gifco – Gruppo Italiano Fabbricatori Cartone Ondulato

Reference sectors

The product sectors of our customers are among the most varied: cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, automotive, clothing, furniture industry, e-commerce.

Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

Food & Beverage



Furniture industry


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