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1971 - 2021
50 years with you
So, respect for the environment, sustainability,
responsibility in daily choices
are the values ​​we believe in.
We do our job
knowing that we benefit
from a credit of nature.
SCATOLIFICIO SAICO There’s a world behind it.

Our services

Design, pre-press and sampling

Any type of packaging, without quantity limits

Know-how at the customer’s service

Rapid deliveries with owned vehicles

New factory
Skilled employees
Turnover in 2020
8,6/ 10
Services / products satisfaction*
9,3/ 10
Staff kindness and skill*
8,9/ 10
Environmental sustainability attention*
* Customer evaluation via survey | read more

Sustainability and environment

”Without a flower (i.e. without respect for the environment),
nothing is created that one day will be able to be replicated, simply because nothing of what we exploit our Earth,
it is inexhaustible ”.

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